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Cloud Hosting

Summit offers cloud hosting with the industry's highest security standards so your business data is safe. Count on us for all your cloud hosting needs. We offer 24/7 monitoring, multi-OS support and easy migration from other cloud platforms.

Cloud Storage

As your business grows, so does your data, but storing all your data securely as you grow can be challenging. Let us handle all of your cloud storage requirements so you can stop worrying about your storage capacity  as you scale up. With our cloud storage solutions you can keep your hardware and software costs under control even as your business grows.

Cloud Backup

Your data is one of the most important assets of your business, but when you are wrapped up in running your business, you may end up ignoring  data back ups, which can prove costly later. Summit Computer’s cloud data backup services help you manage your data effectively so you can use it at the right time to drive revenue. We take the hassles of regular backups off your plate so you can focus on your business without worrying about your data availability. No matter where your data is we can back it up for you so it is secure and accessible at all times.

Cloud Benefits

Why should you move to the cloud? Because it is the most effective option in today’s competitive business environment. The cloud lets you cut costs across multiple areas while still supporting your business’ data needs. The cloud means no fixed or obsolescence costs. You pay for what you use. You can scale your business up or down on demand. The cloud also means offloading the responsibility of data backup, security, and maintenance.

Proactive IT Services

In today’s competitive environment, you cannot afford to be offline for even a minute. That makes the fire-fighting approach to IT problems outdated. If your site is down, your clients are going to take their business elsewhere. That means you need to focus on prevention and not wait for something to happen and then fix it. Summit Computer offers proactive IT services that  identify problems before they disrupt your business. Once you sign up for our proactive IT services, you can leave it to us to monitor, manage and assess your IT performance 24/7. Whether it is preventive IT maintenance or timely backups and updates, we will ensure you are up and running.

Remote Backup and Disaster Recovery

Did you know that IT disasters can be the sole reason for your business to shut down? Our remote backup and disaster recovery services can prevent that from happening. We have the expertise needed to protect your IT infrastructure and mission-critical applications to minimize downtime and data loss.

Anti-Spam Software

Spam is a waste of time and productivity. Not to mention that spam is often the gateway to data theft and security breaches. Anti-spam software for email systems goes a long way in keeping spam at bay and we can help you deploy the one that will be most effective for you.

Hardware Purchasing

Hardware is the backbone of your IT infrastructure. There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing hardware. Cost, compatibility, scalability, and ease of use to name a few. But, focusing on each of these  and arriving at the right decision can be challenging, especially when you have a business to run. This is why Summit Computer Services offers hardware purchasing services. We take care of your hardware purchases from A to Z, and make the  recommendation that fits your needs. We also handle the purchase, setup and maintenance of the hardware so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Email Archiving, Access and Recovery

Emails are an important proof of communication and accountability, and may also contain confidential and legal business information. So, it becomes important that they are stored in a secure and easily retrievable manner. Our email archiving, access, and recovery services can make that happen for you. Rest easy as you enjoy timely, secure, encrypted access, 24/7 to your most  important communications.

Outsourced IT Support

You know that your business cannot function smoothly without tight data security, timely backups, application upgrades, etc. You also know that unexpected downtime can be a blow to your business success. Hiring an in-house IT team may sound like a possible solution, but this is not a cost-effective solution.  You can sleep peacefully by outsourcing your IT support requirements to us. We will always be there to manage ALL your IT requirements--no matter what day or time...and we will also ensure your IT costs don’t escalate  as your business grows.

Network Support

Downtime can cause your immediate sales to plummet and also hurt your brand in the long run. We offer complete network support services that ensure you enjoy minimal downtime. Once you sign up with us, we monitor closely to identify any system issues before they can hurt your business operations.

Hosted Desktops

It is high time you migrated from the traditional PC so you can enjoy anytime-anywhere access to your data. Plus, hosted desktops, while offering all the benefits of your traditional PC, are safer and faster. Signing up for hosted services  automatically makes you eligible for our 24/7 support. That means the burden of  managing, monitoring and securing your hosted desktop is on us.  And, what do you need to access your desktops? Just a net connection. Doesn’t that sound too good to pass up?

Mac Support

We are proud to be one of the few managed service providers who are authorized to offer 24/7 Mac support. Our partnership with Apple Inc., means we have the expertise and the authority to support you in the Mac environment. That includes Mac OS X desktops, Servers, iPads, iPhones or any other Apple device, Whether you want to monitor, manage, maintain or troubleshoot your Mac device, we can do it for you.

Unified Communications

As your business grows, so will your need for different technologies. However, bringing all the  technologies together and ensuring they are functioning efficiently can be challenging. Our unified communications services ensure this happens effectively for you.  No matter how varied your communications infrastructure, we will manage, monitor, and maintain it so your UC environment is always smooth and glitch-free.

Voice Solutions

Voice solutions are critical to your business success. Our voice solutions are comprehensive and cover every aspect of your telecom requirements including implementation, maintenance and administration of voice services. With 13 years of experience backing us, we are undoubtedly your best option when it comes to implementing, monitoring, and managing   your telecom infrastructure smoothly.



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