Since 2004, Summit Computer Services has been offering winning Managed Services and IT support solutions to hundreds of customers. Backed by 13 years of experience in Managed Services and IT Support, your business is in safe hands.

Here’s how you can benefit by bringing us onboard

We work diligently to ensure your IT needs are met on time and your IT systems are working smoothly so you can focus on other revenue generating activities.

We make regulatory adherence easy

We know that regulatory requirements can be tricky. Whether it is related to recordkeeping or security, adhering to IT regulations can be a hassle and a strain on resources, especially if IT is not your forte. This is where we step in. We can take care of these upgrades and regulatory requirements so you can rest easier.

We help you make productive investments

Are you spending a majority of your IT budget on system maintenance? Most companies find that system maintenance expenditures eat into their IT budget for new technology. You can avoid this problem by outsourcing your IT management to us. We will take system maintenance off your agenda so you can run your business, look after new clients, and make more productive investments.


Wondering if we can work with your staff structure? If there’s something we have learned from our 13 years in business, it is that every business is unique. No matter what your staff structure is, our team is here to assist you. Seasonal staff? Multiple offices? Multiple shifts? Remote locations? No problem. We work successfully to ensure transparency among your workforce. We maintain the collaboration tools you need to function in today’s business environment.