Summit Knows IT For Growing Dental Practices

In the past, we worked with small and large IT companies; neither of them worked out. They couldn’t handle our IT needs or were impersonal. Summit Computers is a perfect fit our growing practice. They deliver solid support and solutions. Their customer service is stellar. And, the peace of mind that I have is refreshing.

Our patients’ data is secure. Summit protects the data and manages the IT environment to keep us up and running. Their knowledge of dental software and high-end hardware needs far exceeds the previous support companies.

If you are a dental practice or any kind of business, call Summit Computers now!

Dr. Todd J. Sheffler General Dentist
Caring Family Dentistry
Concord, NH

No Worries, Respond Immediately And In Plain English…

The single greatest benefit to working with Summit Computer Services that we do not have to worry about our computers which allows us to focus solely on our practice.

They are always reachable and respond immediately to any issues we may have, and they successfully correct those issues.  They are familiar with our profession, understand and meet our needs and expectations. They work as a team, are professional, knowledgeable, and personable.

The technicians at Summit Computer Services NEVER make my staff feel stupid asking questions. Their responses and explanations are always in terms we understand so my staff and I come away with confidence knowing we are in EXCELLENT hands.  This allows us to be successful!

Dr. David W. Lewis Lewis Family Chiropractic
Henniker, NH

Looking for a Partner?

Summit Computer Services is very knowledgeable in the field and they have excellent customer service skills. They provide quarterly updates on our infrastructure and work with me on project budgeting. They make you feel like you’re their highest priority in any instance. I recommend Summit Computer Services to any business looking for a sincere partnership.

Garrick Raczek VP of Operations
Mathewson Companies
Hancock, NH

They make you feel like you’re their most important customer

Summit Computer Services has provided comprehensive, state of the art products and service that have allowed my business to grow and prosper. I have the utmost confidence in Jeff and his team to ensure that my IT needs are met. I recommend Summit Computer Services to all of my colleagues.

Dr. Raymond F. Orzechowski Jr. DMD
Concord, NH

Dedicated to making sure each of your clients’ needs were completely taken care of!

When I first met you to see if it was a good fit, I could immediately tell how dedicated you were to making sure each of your clients’ needs were completely taken care of. Your focus was entirely on making sure I had peace of mind when it came to monitoring and backing up all of our IT requirements, to a depth I didn’t know existed. I think the most eye opening part of the whole thing was realizing that we weren’t quite getting the service we thought we had been getting prior to working with you guys, even up to the point of not having the backups that we thought we had. I get a little queasy just thinking about it.

Dr. Phil Szalowski Broadway Chiropractic
Derry, NH

Superior partner in managing our computer requirements

My initial concern was a viable and useable backup system for my electronic medical records. Since we are a paperless practice, a nonfunctioning computer system is not an option. I needed a more real-time backup and an easy to restore database. After some discussion and evaluation, you created both a software and hardware backup plan to handle my concerns within budget.

I would recommend Summit Computer Services to any business looking for a superior partner in managing their computer requirements. I know in my own case, you allowed me to concentrate on being a doctor as opposed to micromanaging the computer network.

Michael Dutton DVM, DABVP(Canine/Feline), DABVP(Avian)
Weare Animal Hospital
Weare, NH

Skilled, Local, Responsive

Summit Computer Services manages and supports our office computer network, including remote security monitoring of each office computer, plus our website and email hosting. Our technical questions and concerns are promptly addressed by Summit staff via email or calling the telephone support phone number. Their advice on computer and other hardware and software purchases, including help planning for future equipment expenditure has been incredibly valuable to us as a small non-profit organization that needs to stretch every dollar. I highly recommend them. Thanks Summit!

Chris Wells Executive Director
Piscataquog Land Conservancy
New Boston, NH

They Changed Our World!

We had a legacy server system at the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center. It crashed, the back-up system failed, and we lost three months’ worth of work. We were very discouraged, when a member of our Board of Directors recommended, we contact Summit Computer Services.

They changed our world! Our server is now in the cloud, with consistent and reliable daily back-ups. Our staff can access our files and data from anywhere – and we had no idea what a lifesaver that would turn out to be for us when the pandemic hit and we had to move a lot of our work offsite.

Rather than just look at the problem we had with our server, Summit looked at our needs comprehensively, and helped us identify resources that could move our organization forward. We now easily share files through Microsoft 365, we have reliable phone and internet service utilizing fiberoptics, reliable WiFi throughout our 45,000-square-foot facility, up-to-date computer security and operating systems. And the Summit Team is always patient and responsive when we call on them for support.

We also count Summit Computer Services among our generous supporters. Summit’s support helps us serve our community more effectively and seamlessly. Thank you, Summit!

Jeanne T. Gerulskis Executive Director
McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center
Concord, NH